Joakim Noah out 8-10 weeks; Bulls begin heated pursuit of Will Perdue…


If you’re a REAL Bulls fan, you probably know by now that Joakim Noah had surgery on his right hand today to repair a torn ulnar collateral ligament. Best-case scenario: Jo will be out for roughly two months. Worst-case scenario: Jo will be out until possibly mid-March. Either way, the Bulls will most certainly miss one of the league’s premier centers, no matter how bad he dresses or how awful that librarian hair bun he rocks looks. Power forward Carlos Boozer (34/12 in 26 minutes last night in a W over the Raptors) and second-year PF Taj Gibson will help fill the void.

It has been reported that the Bulls are looking into acquiring former Bulls great Will Perdue. A center who played with some guy named Michael Jordan, Perdue was an instrumental part in the Bulls first 3-peat. Perdue’s agent, Don King, has not commented on the rumors of his client signing with the Bulls, but he did say that Perdue won’t sign for cheap. “Listen, I don’t know what the future holds. However, I do know that Will Perdue would be an incredible asset to any team in the NBA. The people of Chicago and other NBA cities know just what kind of talent my client brings to the table. Perdue helped mold Michael Jordan into one of the game’s all-time greats.”

Will Perduuuuuuuue!

Bulls GM Gar Forman has also chosen not to address the rumors of Perdue becoming a Chicago Bull once again. I’ve heard from reputable sources that he has turned his attention away from trading for Denver Nuggets small forward Carmelo Anthony or acquiring another perimeter player, and is instead hellbent on signing Perdue. “Gar might not admit it, but he wants Will Perdue more than he wanted LeBron James this past summer. Perdue’s a game-changer; a once-in-a-lifetime kind of player.” Let’s just hope the Bulls get their man this time around.


2 thoughts on “Joakim Noah out 8-10 weeks; Bulls begin heated pursuit of Will Perdue…

  1. If the Bulls can somehow find a way to convince Perdue to sign with them, they’ll immediately become the best team in the NBA. Book it, sucka!

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