Okay, Lu. It’s time for your party.

Everybody Deng Chung?

Everybody Deng Chung?

I’ve been extremely critical of your play since your rookie season. The fact is, I never wanted you to be a Bull. When you were drafted by the Phoenix Suns in 2004, I initially thought, ‘GREAT pick by the Suns.’ Upon hearing you were traded to the Bulls, I became infuriated. I didn’t mind the Jay Williams pick because I thought he was extremely talented, and didn’t know that he was also extremely stupid and reckless. But you? Hell no. Brand and Williams were enough.

Even during your best NBA season thus far, 06-07, I wouldn’t have minded if you had been traded. You just disappear sometimes. Offensively, especially. It’s really simple, Lu. The more you shoot, the better of a scorer you are. Ask Scal to look the stats up for you if you don’t believe me for some odd reason.

Don’t the let the raves about your superstar teammate cause you to become a spectator. Derrick Rose is the MVP, but he’s only human, and a streaky-shooting human, at that. He can’t shoot 32 times in a game, Lu. Unless the game has gone into double-overtime, that number is unacceptable when you shoot 14 times in said game that ends in regulation and your team has scored only 88 points.

Fans and “experts” call you underrated; I say fans and “experts” are too soft on you. People forget that you were PE #1 in some circles during the 08-09 season because of the perception that you were soft. You may have been worthy of the All-Defense Team this season, but as far as an All-Star snub like so many homers, drunks, and know-it-alls have claimed, that was not the case in your missed appearance. You’re a good player who got a fat contract largely because the front office rewarded you based on your value to the team, and not your market value.

I wanted to see you dealt for Melo. At times, I still want to see you dealt for Melo. However, Lu, I am a forgiving Bulls fan. We can squash all of this madness if you just show up on both ends of the court for this series. Don’t allow James to go SportsCenter Top 10 when you’re on defense and shoot more than 14 times, for Red Kerr’s sake. Be active on both ends in both halves; it won’t hurt you. Make the most of your 43 minutes. You may not realize it, but Chris Mullin and I are right: You’re the x-factor in this series. Just play Robin to Rose’s Batman and get past the Heat in 6, like I’ve predicted. Rose will take care of the rest, because in all reality neither Dallas nor OKC would stand a chance against the Bulls in the Finals.

Start your official coming-out party tonight, Lu. If Grizzlies PF Zach Randolph could do it in Memphis while playing OKC, you can surely do it in Chicago while playing the NBA’s version of Evil Empire. There’s no damn reason why an athlete in Chicago should fly under anyone’s radar, and I hope it pisses you off. Party on, Lu. Party on.


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