Monta Ellis, you say? Uhhh…

“Itsa me! Monta!”

Recently, rumors have re-circulated surrounding Monta Ellis, and him wearing a Bulls uniform to start the 2011-12 season. This is not the first time I’ve heard/read this speculation, as I was aware of the rumblings–along with rumors about a trade for Grizzlies PF Zach Randolph–before the start of last season. However, the 2011-12 Bulls will be a far superior squad than the 2009-10 victims of the Cleveland LeBrons in the first round. However, in case of trade…

The first name I thought of was obviously, Luol Deng. Straight up for Ellis. New Warriors plastic surgeon Jerry West wants to build around PG Stephen Curry and for them to be a more defensively sound team. Wouldn’t it make sense to unload the SG who shoots 20 times a game and doesn’t appear to be fond of defense at all for a humble, hard-working wing who can guard anyone from a PG to PF effectively? Yes…

The Bulls would acquire the second scorer they’ve needed since their regular season opener against the Thunder, and the Warriors would get a good, improving 26 year-old player, who along with PF David Lee would form the league’s first “Ambiguously Underrated Duo”. Deng would be better served to run more than he does in the sometimes stagnant Bulls halfcourt offense, anyway. And no…

The Bulls would start Brewer at SF in place of the jettisoned Deng, who is a better defender, but nowhere near the scorer that Deng is. You also have to wonder how the relatively young ’11-’12 Bulls would feel about starting play without its elder statesman. Stephen Curry would be in serious trouble if Ellis were to leave, because Deng will not give him the shield that Ellis did (by gunning, really) when he averaged almost 25 pts, 5 ast, and 2 stl per game the last 2 seasons while logging heavy minutes. Deng’s scoring would go up, but if Warriors fans think they would be getting an elite defensive stopper, they’re wrong. Unless the Warriors suddenly became a stout defensive unit (with Biedrins doing more on the offensive end than dunking and airballing free throw attempts), I doubt anyone in Golden State would be as enamored with Mr. Deng as Bulls fans have been. Weighing the pros and cons, still…

I’m 50/50 on a trade. A swap of this magnitude may not be totally necessary, especially when SGs like the Grizzlies OJ Mayo, Rockets Courtney Lee, and Nuggets Aaron Afflalo can be had for less. Whatever happens, happens. Ellis or Deng in a Bulls uni to start the 2011-12 season won’t change that the Bulls will be a legitimate title contender.

They’re just rumors.

Should I wait another week before looking into purchasing a white flag, fellow Cubs fans?


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