1/3 of the way through this @!#)&$ Cubs season…

Just 108 more games of disappointing, subpar, confusing, frustrating, disheartening, horrible, execrable, hilarious, bad, shitty baseball from the Chicago Cubs. 108 more games of bad baserunning, simple miscues, a lack of plate discipline and pitchers’ control, and losing. Losing big, losing small. Blowing saves, extra-inning losses. Two-game, three-game, and four-game sweeps. Day, afternoon and night losses. No matter the situation…there will be losses. The Cubs are on pace to finish 69-93, certainly not the goal of Ricketts, Hendry, and the Cubs delu…faithful. *long sigh* I do believe the saying goes, “There’s always next year”.

While I’m eager for the start of ’12, there are still some things to cause a Cubs fan or two to be hopeful. With a little help, Garza can go from being a bad luck pitcher to a pitcher who racks up W’s. It’s quite possible that Barney isn’t an overachiever but a good, everyday player. There might be no such thing as a sophomore slump when it comes to Castro. Soto is still good. Colvin is (hopefully) getting his swing back. Wells and Cashner don’t need to carry any type of load for the rest of 2011, and should be locks for the rotation coming out of the next spring training. Marshall/Wood/Marmol could very well have a sub 2.5 ERA at this time next season. Quade can only get better, right? A good sum of money also will come off the books after 2011, which could turn into the possible acquisition of one of two studs named Prince and Albert.

Maybe the Cubs can work some magic in the average (being very generous with that description) NL Central and somehow escape with the division crown. Perhaps Pena will finish with 40 homers and Z will destroy 7 Gatorade coolers. I have no clue with this bipolar, dysfunctional Cubs team. I won’t give up on them, but I’m done trying to figure them out. I just want to get through the next 54.

Luol Deng can kick rocks.

It's a way of life...

It’s a way of life…


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