Not everyone hates LeBron…

Wanna get away?

Wanna get away?

Even people who don’t watch one second of regular-season NBA action know that the Miami Heat were defeated in the 2011 NBA Finals by the Dallas Mavericks, 4 games to 2. I am also sure they’re aware of LeBron James’ failures. His scoring average from the regular season dropping nearly 9 points. Not taking over one game and leading his team to victory. The 4th quarter disappearing acts. The aftermath. Oh, the aftermath, where LeBron expressed an open defiance and basically told all of his haters, “Tomorrow morning, you’ll still be a loser, and I’ll still be LeBron James”.

Well, I’m not a LeBron hater and never have been. I’ve actually been pretty pleased with 2010-11 LeBron as opposed to previous versions. I came very close to hating 2009-10 LeBron, the LeBron who single-handedly led his team to win after win over just about everyone while he and his teammates clowned, danced and joked their way through the regular season. I loathed that LeBron; despised the hell out of him. I should’ve felt grateful to have the opportunity to see this man-child destroy the rest of the league in his prime, and yet I wanted nothing more than to see LeBron and the Cleveland LeBronaliers lose. Just when people felt LeBron couldn’t become any more of a douchebag…

“The Decision” was upon us. I understand that there are people who are still sore over “The Decision”. I get that there are millions who still can’t stand the sight or even sound of him. Many didn’t like to see he and Dwyane Wade allegedly mock Dirk Nowitzki, implying that he feigned sickness to gain sympathy from the media. They’ve grown tired of the looks of disbelief shown after he’s been called for a foul. They hate the MJ/LeBron comparisons. They hate his shoes and even his State Farm commercial. Even LeBron’s hairline is the target of constant attacks.

There’s one big reason why I don’t hate LeBron: He’s not a champion. Why waste my attention and energy on a guy who is now 2-8 in his NBA Finals career? His first Finals series loss was perfectly understandable, but this one was just hard to watch. I actually nearly felt bad for LeBron, with all of the “choke” questions he was asked and the steady insinuating that he’s just not capable of winning on this stage.

Would you like a small list of guys you should actually hate? Hate Derek Jeter, hate Coach K, hate Bill Belicheck, hate Kobe. Those four are all winners. Of championships. As in, they are all the owner of multiple championship rings. Those are the guys I enjoy seeing knocked off of their perches because I know they all have realistic chances of winning more championships. Please. Don’t hate LeBron. You’re doing nothing but feeding into his massive ego when you climb the walls to let him know how much you hate him. This man has nothing that you want besides an immense pile of freakin’ talent. You know what? He’s not the only one, either. We’ve just learned that teaming superstars don’t always make for a championship team. LeBron may not be a Rhodes Scholar, but I’m sure he picked up the lesson, too.

Perhaps the cool thing to do is to light into LeBron. There are already ridiculous rumors about his mom and fiancee’s sexual encounters that have spread like wildfire. You know you’ve made it when people are spreading rumors about your mom, right? I choose to take the high road, this time. LeBron’s been beat up enough. There’s nothing I can add onto the fire that will make it burn any bigger or longer. The Mavericks are 2010-11 NBA champions, not the Heat. We should be admiring the champs right now instead of dissecting every little thing LeBron. As for my interest in jumping on the LeBron Haters bandwagon, I’ll look into purchasing a ticket after he’s won a few titles. Or even one.

Sign Jose Reyes, move Castro to 3rd, everybody’s happy. I think.


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