Don’t expect much.

The Cubs are 37-55 with 70 games to play in the 2011 regular season. To avoid losing 90 games, they’d have to go 36-34 in the second half. Yeah…I don’t see that happening, and wouldn’t be surprised to see them approach the 100-loss mark at the rate they’ve been going lately. The trade deadline is nearing and players like Carlos Pena, Ryan Dempster, Kosuke Fukudome, Jeff Baker and a few other Cubs are likely to at least elicit calls from other contenders about their availability. Let’s face it: This Cubs team stinks, and would be better served to move as many high-paid players as they can to at least attempt to rebuild their post-Garza, below-average farm system. Maybe Brett Jackson, Jay Jackson and Trey McNutt will be among September call-ups and along with Castro lead a youth movement. Or, Jim Hendry won’t change a damn thing and the Cubs will continue to play like shit and infuriate the few remaining Cubs fans who actually care. All I can say is, if you plan to watch this team during the second half like I do, invest in vodka. LOTS OF VODKA.

If Hendry could somehow sign Prince Fielder and Jose Reyes to 6-year contracts this winter, I’d love him forever.


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